Distributors and Resellers Wanted

Allicin International Limited (AIL) is a manufacturer of specialist natural health products, which have been created to exploit the remarkable, beneficial properties of stabilised allicin. Stabilised allicin is a unique, powerful agent processed from garlic.

AIL's products are currently available throughout the UK from health stores and retailers. We have also so far appointed resellers and distributors internationally in 10 countries including the USA, Canada, Australia, Denmark, Norway and other European countries.

AIL is now seeking to expand its reseller and distribution network.

We are looking for:

  • international resellers and distributors with exclusive arrangements in some Territories for suitably qualified companies or individuals
  • UK resellers: we offer retailers and health therapists attractive sales margins on all our products
  • Referrals from high-traffic websites: we can arrange referral tracking from your website and pay commission on all referral sales.

We can provide:

  • generous discounts and commissions
  • yearly renewable reseller agreements, protecting your sales margin
  • high quality marketing and sales support: promotional and point-of-sales marketing materials, access to large amounts of scientific papers and other substantiating material, personal telephone counselling and advice.

Please note: our products are differentiated by the strength of their allicin yields from all other garlic products, concentrates and powders available on the market. No other products can give such a significant yield of allicin, even if taken in huge quantities.

For more information about allicin and our allicin products, please contact us.

Best Sellers

Allimed® 100 Capsule Pack

Allimed® 100 Capsule Pack

The Allimed® 100 capsule pack provides a month's supply of stabilised allicin.

Retail Products

AllicinMax® Cream 50ml

AllicinMax® Cream 50ml £10.39

For topical application, external use only. Apply AllicinMax cream by massaging gently into the skin in the affected area.