Prepro™ 60 Capsules

Prepro™ 60 Capsules

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PREPRO™ Allicin, multi strain probiotic, digestive enzyme, FOS


Good Bacteria

We often think of bacteria as harmful organisms, but while many do cause disease, some are beneficial to the body. We all carry millions of bacteria in and on the surface of our body, and they play an important role in fending off harmful organisms (known as pathogens).

Stress and medicine, such as pharmaceutical antibiotics, can wipe out the body's supply of good bacteria. If these can't be replaced, then other problems may develop. Healthy bacteria are part of our immune system and essential. In the gut they play a particularly important role. Our so-called friendly bacteria break down food we eat to provide a source of energy for the cells that line the intestines. PREPRO contains the premium five strains of bacteria.

Stabilised AlliSURE® allicin

Allicin has natural antibiotic properties which helps maintain a healthy immune response in the body. Allicin has the ability to lower blood pressure and cholesterol. It also helps lower blood sugar levels and keeps plaque from building up on artery walls. Allicin can act as a prebiotic by reducing the presence of harmful organisms it creates an environment in which beneficial organisms can flourish. That makes PREPRO, a unique balanced supplement.

Allisure® allicin is the ONLY stabilized allicin extract available worldwide and is immediately ready to help your body regain a balanced digestive system.


Fructo-oligosaccharides or FOS typically refer to short-chain oligosaccharides comprised of D-fructose and D-glucose, containing from three to five monosaccharide units. FOS, also called neo-sugar and short-chain FOS (sc FOS), are produced on a commercial scale from sucrose using a fungal fructosyltransferase enzyme. FOS are resistant to digestion in the upper gastrointestinal tract. They act to stimulate the growth of Bifidobacterium species in the large intestine. FOS are usually combined with good bacteria, often acting as a carrier, and are also found in some functional food products.

Health Depends on Digestive Enzymes - Lipase

Enzymes are proteins that facilitate chemical reactions in living organisms. In fact, they are required for every single chemical action that takes place in your body. All of your cells, organs, bones, muscles, and tissues are run by enzymes.

Your digestive system, immune system, blood stream, liver, kidneys, spleen, and pancreas, as well as your ability to see, think, feel, and breathe, all depend on enzymes. All of the minerals and vitamins you eat and all of the hormones your body produces need enzymes in order to work properly. In fact, every single metabolic function in your body is governed by enzymes. Your stamina, your energy level, your ability to utilize vitamins and minerals, your immune system -- all governed by enzymes. The addition of Lipase to PREPRO, enables even a compromised digestion to begin absorbing the minerals and vitamins delivered to the gut in the food you eat.

Nutritional Information

Each capsule contains:
Allisure® Allicin powder: 200mg
High Quality 5 Strain Probiotic: 175mg
Lipase digestive enzyme: 75mg
FOS Fructooligosaccharide (carrier for Probiotics).

Dosage: Take up to 2 capsules with each main meal or as directed by your Healthcare practitioner. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, but rather as a dietary supplement designed for nutritional support.

Ingredients: Non GM Maltodextrin, gum acacia, allicin, 5 Strain Probiotic, lipase digestive enzyme, FOS Fructooligosaccharide. Capsule shell of plant origin (Hypromellose).

Advisory Information: If you are allergic, intolerant, or hypersensitive to garlic do not take Prepro capsules.


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