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Holly S, Functional Medicine/Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner/OwnerBeing In Balance, LLC Health Clinic

I received a sample of AlliMed Capsules and I have found this product to be quite amazing. My son had a very bad infection with huge swollen glands. I rubbed the AlliMed cream on them and within 24 hours the swelling was down and he felt better and within 48 hrs, it was like night & day. I'm now going to use it on my mother who has a staph infection in her body which has attacked a prosthetic knee implant, I'm so excited to give her this and Allicinmax capsules at the same time and I will follow up with the outcome here soon.

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AllicinMax® Cream 50ml

AllicinMax® Cream 50ml £10.39

For topical application, external use only. Apply AllicinMax cream by massaging gently into the skin in the affected area.