Equi-Med Skin Clear Spray, 500ml – liquid stabilised allicin

Equi-Med Skin Clear Spray, 500ml – liquid stabilised allicin

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Equi-Med Skin Clear Spray, 500ml – liquid stabilised allicin

A supplement spray to help improve cardiovascular fitness and boost the immune system. Ideal for horses needing protection from a variety of bacterial conditions.
Equi-Med Skin Clear Spray contains 250 parts per million of Allicin, meaning that it can be useful to help resolve any condition that has a bacterial, fungal or viral cause. It can help to prevent infection and is particularly effective for minor skin problems, wounds and abrasions.
This Equi-med Spray contains stabilised 'Allisure' Allicin liquid, described in scientific literature as Nature's Antibiotic, and has been shown to aid minor wound healing and protect from bacterial attack.

Nutritional information: Liquid allicin dissolved in water


Spray as and when on any part of the horse's anatomy. You can impregnate a bandage or dressing for easy application. 1 daily 6gm scoop provides 2000mg Allicin Powder.

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These products are classified as Dietry Supplements and such are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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